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MS Dhoni the Untold story: unfolded the story about his struggles and later on his success in the game of cricket.  It was not liked well by Dhoni’s fans and continued criticizing however it was a kick start for Sushant Singh career in Bollywood. Here also he made someone else famous by giving chance to play a role on his life, what a person Mahi is! You can easily download and go through MS Dhoni images here. You can also watch more Cricketer Images from this website.

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Before that , here no one will ramble about stats data and  his performance in ODIS and tests nor  will put limelight on his past struggle or hardships he faced before entering his cricketing world. I am sure that glimpse can be visualized through his recent film. This website boasts about MS Dhoni inner qualities:  integrity, passion, determination how did he chalked out his responsibility of being a captain of cricket crazy nation.



John Mac well truly said “The leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”.

Does MS Dhoni imbibe the  qualities that truly represent our Captain?

The guy struggled a lot from Ranchi to Mumbai. The introvert, enigmatic, and a shrewd guy with pillar like support from friends and passion for cricket and bikes made his life turn upside down.  Belonging to middle class family where studying was a priority and sports was deemed as a mere game and not sports he proved himself right by serendipitously coming in cricket and leaving his love for football behind. It didn’t stop there he worked as a ticket collector; his mind was in job but his heart was at cricket. With his optimist attitude he boarded the train to be a mascot for Indian cricket team. Initially he slogged to get his position in team despite of his chance to play in cricket, he was not recognized by many, this never let Dhoni to frown as  deep down he knew something better is coming on his way. He accepted captaincy for India and proved himself right by guiding Indian team through T20s and winning  for the first time championship in 2007 of T20. He took India to a soaring heights as his captaincy proved to be superior in other matches as well.


A captainship has more than tactics, but Dhoni with grit determination, conviction and leadership managed to crawl up to the top and rule the world cricket for the nation.

Dhoni was always portrayed as a calm person and doesn’t react to the increasing pressure. His calmness indeed helped him to take rational decisions in tough situations.

One can always see Dhoni’s images being a humble and sincere captain as he believes everyman has his day and so every game has its chance to win or lose hence there is always a positive energy flowing around him even if he loses the match or his adrenaline never rushes when ever India wins. Hence the man depicted as composed and dignified.



MS Dhoni Imagedisplayed a lot about him being a brave and valiant. He is a one man show many a time and has given many victories to India. He has been amongst the ICC top 10 batsman in ODIs consistently for many years. A team leader should be able to lead by example especially when the team needs the most. The famous citation was in 2011 world cup finale in Mumbai. He took the challenge and played a rational move which lead to victory of the nations.

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Ms Dhoni Images Ms Dhoni Images Ms Dhoni Images
Whatever Mahi does is admired by many and so it is closely scrutinized every decision he makes. It is a perplex moment when Dhoni gives chance to a player which is not expected by anyone and the player prove Dhoni’s decision right which is appreciated by many.


Ms Dhoni Images

A leader is one who share the credit with team members and if defeated takes the blame on himself. Be it in interviews, press conferences, he always talks about team spirit after his championship, which makes them, feel secure and inspire them to perform better.


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